Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At 22 months

Lauren, June 2004

Lindsay, March 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Answers to your most pressing questions

The salad that went along with Easter dinner was leafy organic hydroponic greens with shaved parmiggiano, red bell pepper, pine nuts, and vinaigrette.

The frog rain boots actually belong to Lauren. Lindsay wore them for the Official Easter Photo. The Easter dresses were purchased and worn for Tim's wedding, which was June 2. As you might surmise from the photographs, they were both a bit too large then. Lauren's sweater was purchased to wear over the dress for my step-brother-in-law's wedding (though it was late July, she did not wear it then) and Lindsay's is a hand-me-down.

They are particularly hard to balance in when on the wrong feet.

The "cigar" was a wooden screw from Lauren's toolbox.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Too tired to caption this

I'll let you ponder the sunglasses on her head, shot glass, and "cigar". A round of Lindsay Lohan meets the paparazzi, anyone?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Reflecting at different places in my life

Toddler Lauren plays with a phone:
(shouts) What?! Oh, you've KILLING me! I can't BELIEVE it!
...she finishes the call by slamming the phone down hard.

Toddler Lindsay plays with a phone:
(sweetly) Hel-lo? Yes, ok! Buh-bye!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Messing with Mama

I've been trying to teach Lindsay the stuff that we teach the under 2 set: how to sing the alphabet, count to 10, and animal sounds. Her letter singing improves each week and comes closer to sounding like individual letters. She actually can count to 13 or 14, depending on her mood, if you disregard 4, because she always skips it. But whenever you ask her what sound a given animal makes, she will say "Moo".

Today in the car, I noticed that she was playing a game. It took me a couple of rounds to realize it was "What does ____ say?" She said: "What does bird say? Tweet tweet! What does monkey say? Hoo hoo hee hee! What does lion say? Rarrrgh!"

"Wow, Lindsay! That's great!" I exclaimed, genuinely surprised. "What does the kitty say?"

She caught my eye in the rear view mirror and replied flatly, "Moo."

This kid is messing with me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sadly, there are things even Sybil can't fix

Lauren fell on the playground yesterday. She had worn black tights to school under her skirt, and when she skinned her knee, she ripped a hole in the knee. The school nurse had bandaged her knee. Sticking through the rather large hole was her pale knee covered by an almost comically large institutional bandage.

At bath time, as she was getting undressed, I said, "You can go ahead and throw the ripped tights in the garbage."

She pulled a pouty face. "They can't be sewn?"

I replied, "No, it just won't work out. I'm sorry. We'll have to buy you a new pair of black tights."

"But Mama, maybe you can't sew them...but surely my auntie can. She can sew anything!"

"Your auntie?" I struggled with whether she was referring to my sister or my sister-in-law. They both have artistic flair, but sewing? Doubtful.

"My auntie who sewed* Lindsay's bear."

"Ohhh...Auntie Sybil."

"Yes! Sybil can fix anything! Can we save them until we see her again?"

"I think not, but it was a good idea, Lo."

*[SIC] Bear is knit.