Monday, September 12, 2011

Lauren is nine

Saturday was Lauren's birthday...and she turned 9. I have no idea how that happened so fast.

Lauren opened her present from Alec and I, which was tickets for Saturday's matinee to see Wicked in New York City. She was SO excited. We scored awesome tickets, and they had a fabulous time. it was her first Broadway experience.
Lauren opening her presents from her sis.

Tutu (Alec's mom) sent Lauren her very own iPod shuffle, in her favorite color - green! Alec and I opened it so that it was already loaded with some of her favorite music, and the soundtrack for Wicked.
Wow, look at ALL those presents!
Lauren got Field Notes from our friend Mark who shares her birthday. Alec contemplates snagging one of them.
Reading a card.
An angel necklace from Grampie Fisher. She hasn't taken it off.
A pretty good haul.
We went out for a sushi dinner - Lauren's favorite...and finished our day with ice cream cake. Lauren declared it was the best birthday yet.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My girls are so big

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First Day of School

Lauren dressed for the third time for the first day of school. Little did I know the changing clothes thing would start in 4th Grade. She finally settled on this classy top from GG, her comfy yoga pants, and the All Stars that Alec and I bought her.
Lindsay, ready for kindergarten. Wearing the first day of school dress that Tutu bought for her. She added the charm, which came on a scented candle. Fancy.
Oh, so much cuteness.

Lindsay found her seat, which was at a table with plates and teddy bears. She was feeling a little shy. Her teacher announced that their first class on Wednesdays is Art, so we said our goodbyes and they lined up for Art.

But as we got into the hallway, the fire alarm sounded. We exited the school, and lined up on the sidewalk quietly. Ironically, on the way to school, Lindsay had asked if I thought there would be a fire drill on the first day. I said I didn't think so. While we were in line, I whispered, "You were right!" As it turned out, there was a malfunction in the sprinkler system, so the fire department had to come and override the system error so that the kids could return to class. We stood outside for about 20 minutes, and Lindsay made friends with Claire, who had the umbrella. Her other friends names are Lucy and Katie.

Lindsay's class heard a story called "The Kissing Hand", which is a great tale about a raccoon and his mama on the first day of school. Lindsay brought home her writing assignment. She said, "Oops, I got mixed up."
We had gymnastics at the end of the day on Wednesday, which is always fun. Lindsay was pretty tired, but she did get a stamp, and she made a new friend.