Friday, December 11, 2009

Little sister logic

"I guess you're not going to learn Spanish then, if you won't repeat what I said..."

"I guess it's just too hard for me. Oh, well."

Thursday, December 03, 2009

And I thought the cheese stood alone

"What letter does your name start with?" I asked Lindsay at dinner last night.

"S," she replied, chomping dramatically into her grilled (girl) cheese sandwich.

"Well," I said, "Our last name starts with S. But what does Lindsay start with?"

"Cheese!" she replied.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Serving up tragedy

Several years ago, Mudda bought Lauren an aromatherapy bear for Christmas. Lauren was probably about 3 at the time, and loved that her snuggly bear smelled nice and was warm. Years passed, and it ended up in a trunk in our sun porch. The same sun porch we're currently reorganizing as a playroom where the family Wii will live.

Bear-y surfaced. Lindsay fell instantly in love.

I thought, oh! I bet she'll love him if I make him all warm and scented. I plucked him up, and put him in the microwave for a minute.

Lindsay sobbed, "You are turning my bear into DINNER!"

"Oh no!" I interjected.

"First he is a lovey and now he is going to be food." Giant tears splashed down her face.

I looked from her crying face, to the turnstile of the microwave, spinning round and round with Bear-y on it. I opened the door, grabbed Bear-y out, and handed him to Lindsay.

"See, he is ok!" I said.

She sniffed.

"He's warm now, right?"

She felt him, looking a little confused, she nodded.

"And he smells nice?"

"Yes." She said. "Don't do that again."