Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lessons in Spanish

Today, we went to Target to buy Lindsay a Bumbo seat, simply because Cecily from Wasted Birth Control has one for Tori. It's a great little chair, and perfect for our cereal experiment today.

There's a Starbucks inside the Target on Route 529 in Piscataway, and we always stop for a little treat afterwards. I ordered a grande iced coffee with a shot of hazelnut syrup, and Lauren chose a vanilla milk for herself.

"A grande coffee?" Lauren asked. "Is that what you ordered?"


"That makes sense." Lauren said. "You are grande and I am pequeño."

"Right! Good job speaking Spanish."

"Oh, I know, Mom."

The cereal experiment was great fun during dinner. Lauren and I had chicken stirfry with fresh veggies and ramen in a lemon zest ginger soy sauce, and Lindsay had a scant teaspoon of single grain barley cereal in about an ounce of milk. She ate voraciously, at times trying to take the spoon out of my hand and do it herself...and at the end she was looking for more.

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Alec said...

See you tomorrow! I miss you guys!