Friday, August 29, 2008

Adoption notice

In response to...
Those poor animals, sounds as though you can't handle them. Why not put them up for adoption?They shouldn't be left outside while you take a nice vacation.
Two geriatric flea-infested black cats:

Nearly 14 year old male cat who will urinate and defecate on everything except the litter box. Particularly likes to poo on the seat of the dining room chairs. Lately, he makes a hornking noise when you look at him, as though he might cough up a hairball at any moment.

Twelve year old female cat has an anxiety disorder, or maybe an esophageal defect, or a combination of these two that results in random vomiting around the house. This usually occurs about 3 times per day, but up to 8. She prefers to vomit behind radiators and under furniture so that you find it months later, hardened like cement.


Anonymous said...

Seriously though, it sounds like a divorce may be needed. Why should you all suffer trying to get along when it isn't necessary. There's a place called Angel's Gate that takes all sorts of animals with special needs. They're on Long Island.

Chaotic Joy said...

Yep. I can see the takers lining up now. Maybe you could have an auction.

karen said...

Oh yeah, leap in the car and drive three hours (if traffic is good) to Long Island with the cats. Want to place bets on how much other stuff we'll have to spill in the car to get the cat smell out of it?

Chris says your situation doesn't sound all that bad. Please, I implore you, don't listen to him! Pixie can not handle any more cats over here.