Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just kidding

Apparently I just have to write that I might be on hiatus and then I suddenly have a lot to say.

Last night was Ash Wednesday, so we were at church. Lauren found out that the pastors' kids were playing in the nursery during the service, so since I was singing in choir and Linds was going there anyway, I dropped her off there.

"Hey, Olivia is here."

"Of course she is."

"Mom, did you know that Pastor Patty is Olivia's mom?"

"Actually Olivia has two moms."

"Oh!" she said. "I have two dads."

"Um. No, you don't."

"Yeah," she said thoughtfully, "Alec is my dad, but God is also my father."

"Oh...huh. I guess I hadn't thought of that," I said.


Lindsay sang the Not Perfect song at Lauren.

"I'm not perfect," replied Lauren. "But you're not perfect either, Lindsay."

"I AM PERFECT," she shouted.

"No, you're not," Lauren sang.


"No, Lindsay, the only perfect person is Jesus." Lauren explained.



megalli said...

That's just too funny, especially when your blog is called "Screw Perfection"!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Too much!

Chaotic Joy said...

HA! AND LINDSAY!! That is funny!

karen said...

Chris says he's glad he didn't come up. EBH suits him well (what guy doesn't want two great wives?) but he's not sure he can wrap his head around back-up dad. :)