Thursday, February 17, 2011

Porridge Party

This picture amazes me. I felt like I was the original Mommy & Me failure. If it was out there, I tried it - at the library, at the local daycare center, even at the Y swimming pool. Lindsay NEVER listened, never sat still. My friends assured me, that whenever I wasn't around, Lindsay would go along with whatever was going on...and that once she got to school, she would be fine.
And so - tada! Lindsay, sitting nicely during Circle Time in her classroom. Who'd've thunk it?

In case you can't read it, it says:
Lindsay is a joy to teach and a pleasure to have in out classroom. She is socially well adjusted and easily follows classroom routines. Her readiness skills are strong as she easily identifies all lower and uppercase letters, numerals one to ten, and basic colors and shapes. Lindsay is learning the importance of "raising and waiting" as she can be quite "chatty"! I enjoy her subtle sense of humor. She makes us laugh and that's a good thing!

I'm really glad she has a teacher that enjoys her sense of humor.

Today, we were in the classroom enjoying our favorite Nursery Rhymes with a porridge party. Although our district allows for Valentine's Day parties, Lindsay's teacher opted for a low-key pass out cards and eat cookies day on Monday. Instead, parents and siblings joined the entire AM Pre-K for a performance of their favorite rhymes in the library, and then went back to the classroom for juice, porridge, egg salad sandwiches and muffins.

Lindsay's class, seated, played rhythm sticks. The other AM class played bells. They sang "The Muffin Man", "Peas Porridge Hot", and "Humpty Dumpty". Lindsay had trouble keeping track of her sticks, and her friend Jack, seated on her right, retrieved them each time she dropped them. Very cute.

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