Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation in Scenic Schenectady NY

There isn't a whole lot to do in Schenectady, I'll assure you. But we had a hotel with a very nice indoor pool, and we were the only ones in it the whole time we were there. I'm raising a couple of water rats, so, it was a good time indeed.It was nice and warm in the pool, but the atrium was air conditioned, so it was a little chilly getting out. I hung out in one of the lawn chairs.
Yeah, I am wearing a dress and pants. Did I mention the air conditioning?
Oddly, the hotel restaurant was not open for lunch, so we had to head elsewhere. Lauren helped by navigating using my iPhone's map. We made it to Friendly's.
We write each other fortunes on the paper wrapping for the silverware. Mine read "I love you more than ice cream. Oh, and thanks."

Lindsay, modeling a dress I'd fashioned from a hotel towel.

The first day were in Schenectady, we had lunch at the movie theater and saw Zookeeper, which was surprisingly funny, and not too raunchy. On the walk home, we noticed that there was a Museum with a planetarium across the street from the hotel. On Thursday, we headed to check it out - the museum included displays about electricity (GE has a big plant there) and information about the history of Schenectady, which was a bit of a yawner in my opinion, but I was excited for the planetarium. We had a planetarium in the town I grew up, and I remember our times there fondly. Besides, it's cool and dark, and it was not quite as hella hot as it is in Jersey, but it was about 90 degrees. Disappointingly, the projector wasn't working right, so there was only about a third of the sky lit, and during the slide presentation, most of the constellations they were referring to were in the other two-thirds of the sky (of course). The girls thought it was cool anyway.

Not as cool as the pool, though.

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