Monday, September 12, 2011

Lauren is nine

Saturday was Lauren's birthday...and she turned 9. I have no idea how that happened so fast.

Lauren opened her present from Alec and I, which was tickets for Saturday's matinee to see Wicked in New York City. She was SO excited. We scored awesome tickets, and they had a fabulous time. it was her first Broadway experience.
Lauren opening her presents from her sis.

Tutu (Alec's mom) sent Lauren her very own iPod shuffle, in her favorite color - green! Alec and I opened it so that it was already loaded with some of her favorite music, and the soundtrack for Wicked.
Wow, look at ALL those presents!
Lauren got Field Notes from our friend Mark who shares her birthday. Alec contemplates snagging one of them.
Reading a card.
An angel necklace from Grampie Fisher. She hasn't taken it off.
A pretty good haul.
We went out for a sushi dinner - Lauren's favorite...and finished our day with ice cream cake. Lauren declared it was the best birthday yet.

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