Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bye, bye, Baby

Lindsay is growing in leaps and bounds. But more than that, she's evolved into quite an endearing little person. The itty bitty baby is gone, and I can already see the toddler emerging.

She's not into pulling herself up on stuff, but rather, she tries to stand in the middle of the room. She will crawl along, and slide her feet under her a la downward facing dog of yoga fame, land on one knee to hold her upper body straight. It is as though she is training herself in the art of standing. She is expert at crawling, sitting, turning her body mid-sit and changing direction.

Her vocalizations are starting to become deliberate sounds. Alec and I heard her first distinct word about a week ago, "Mama!" She repeated it until she got fed. This week, she's been working on "Uh oh!" She was surprised by Seamus jumping on the bed while she was sitting on it. When I said "Kitty", she responded with "Psssst" as though she was calling the kitty.

She continues to enjoy eating baby food, and likes everything she's tried except green beans, which she usually spits. She enjoys gnawing on a Zwieback cookie with her very sharp tooth. I noticed today there is a second tooth starting to erupt.

She hates getting dressed, and loves to have her tooth brushed. She opens her mouth and makes a "Nuh nuh nuh" sound. She loves bath time. She prefers to recline, feet in hands, a toe or two to nibble on and watch Lauren play with toys.


Navilyn said...

Priceless moments...

Epiphany Alone said...

What's completely ridiculous is that every time she says, "Uh oh!" We can't help but to respond in kind. We literally sat around at dinner last night, "Uh oh!" "Uh oh!"

You can't make that stuff up ;)

karen said...

No, but you can film it and put it up on YouTube for the rest of us to get a giggle. Or, I suppose, we could have dinner together some seems like we used to do that on occasion. I miss that! Uh oh! :)

Epiphany Alone said...

Yeah, that used to be fun :) We should do that again.