Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines

We are happy valentines Chez Stoll. All three girls got flowers:

Mom's flowers

Lauren's flowers

Lindsay's flowers

And a present for Alec:
Front walk Chez Stoll, through the dining room window.

No, I didn't shovel, honey. But you didn't grow the flowers either...and I still love them.

And I took this last one yesterday for Karen. I thought about how much I loved to see Lindsay wear Lauren's hand-me-downs, so I tried to take a picture of Lindsay wearing "Bugs on Parade", however, she said, "Mama. It's nap time."

Lindsay calls it quits.


karen said...

Eight years later, that outfit is still cute! Even from behind. :)

Navilyn said...

nice flowers...

Michelle said...

What a cutie... can I call it quits too?

Happy Valentine's Day!!! :)