Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Snippets from my life

Lindsay peed on the bathroom floor upon exiting the bathtub. She stopped, midstream, and looked surprised at herself.

"Lindsay, do you want to make a pee pee in the potty?" I asked, hopefully.

"No," she replied tersely, squatting on the towel wrapped around her. "I'm finished now."


"I saw a diary today that had princesses on it. They even had princess pencils. We could get that for you and you could practice writing write down your thoughts."

"I don't have any thoughts. When I close my eyes all I see are blue squares mostly. Occasionally rectangles. They are blue also."


karen said...

Sounds like Lin would fit right in over here!

Tell Lauren when the pink triangles start spinning, it will be time to put down the beer.

Chaotic Joy said...

Clara peed on the floor yesterday too. After I stripped her out of her swimsuit. The she proceeded to splash around in it like a puddle. Awesome.

Blue squares. That is so great!