Tuesday, October 14, 2008

According to Lindsay

"Did you want a snack?"

"Yes, I'm hungry. Please get a bee-ah."

"You want a banana?"

"Yes. I need a bee-ah, please."

"Ok. Do you want to eat it like a monkey?"

"No. I want to eat it like a tiger."

I blinked. Like a tiger? Whole, skin and all? I didn't suggest this aloud. "How does a tiger eat a banana?"

"Cut up on a plate."



Anonymous said...

Very cute...at first I thought she was saying "beer"...ha...a domesticated tiger, of course!

LMP said...

I, too, thought she was asking for a beer. But then, all my family members are from New England. They do drink Bee-ah.

*pab said...

so cute! When Ashley was two, she called bananas "banakis."