Monday, January 26, 2009


"Lindsay peed."

I sigh. I am sick, dragging. Ordinarily that last half hour between dinner and bed is stressful anyway. They had been upstairs all of 3 minutes, sent up there to take off their clothes to get ready for a bath.

"Alright Lauren, stop being a tattletale." I croak. "Linds, where did you pee?"

Linds leads me into Lauren's room.


She points timidly.

She peed in the open humidifier. She found herself in the middle of her sister's room, having to pee, and went in the nearest thing approximating a pot. It was sort of adorable. I mean, other than having to clean it up.


karen said...

You have to give her points for not just letting fly on the floor...

Sister K said...

ooh....i can imagine the aroma of the humidified she's onto something! alternative fuel anyone? :)