Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So full

My heart is very full right now and I have so many things to write and remember, but work is calling my name. I thought I'd leave you with some too funny conversations between Lindsay and Auntie Jules...

"What's that?" Lindsay asked pointing at Jules' pierced lip.

"A piercing...um...jewelry...um...a decoration..."

"A decoration!" She exclaimed. "It's not Christmas! The Christmas tree is in the basement with the decorations!"


Jules made a fish face at Linds.

"Make the fish face!"

Jules smirked.

"Hey! Be a fish and kiss me! Put on your fish horn!"

"My what? Horn?!"

Jules, singing : "Shake your booty..."

Lindsay, wiggling and shaking her head back and forth...

Jules, still singing, "Yeah, yeah!"

Lindsay, parroting, "Yeah, yeah!"

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