Monday, June 06, 2011

Mercer County Park

Movie night! We girlies watched Tangled together on Friday night - a birthday present for Lindsay from a friend of hers. Lauren commented that it would really be a problem if Rapunzel got head lice. Ewww.
We had a tournament in Plainsboro over the weekend (yeah, near where Dr House works.) This was a climbing structure on the playground that the girls really liked. Here they are wearing their "away" uniforms. Lauren is next to the center support.
Lindsay enjoyed climbing also. A rare look for rockstar Linds, cotton dress and sneakers - you can tell she didn't dress herself.
More climbing with Chloe and Emily.
Lauren and her friend Daniella, this time in their "home" whites, relaxing between games on the bench. Mostly they were eating as many gummy bears as they could and trying not to get wet, as it drizzled a little before the second game was underway.

Besides the cute pics, we were outplayed in the tourney, but we were the only "new" team, and the only team below flight 2 (we were flight 6 of 6 this season). The girls were excited to get their first set of patches (you collect a team patch from every team you play in a tournament), and a medal for participating.

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