Thursday, June 16, 2011

This week, Chez Stoll

It was Alec's birthday, and we took a (very short!) trip to TD Bank Ballpark to watch the Somerset Patriots. We're always up for a good minor league game. We had dinner at the park, plenty of treats, and watched the Patriots succumb to the York Revolution.
It was bat night. The girls were psyched, and nearly gave both of us black eyes swinging the darn bats. They went to Alec's office, where his coworkers will likely injure each other with them.
Lindsay got to bring her friend Mackenzie to gymnastics. They had fun. Mackenzie navigates the balance beam in reverse, with some help from Miss Allie. Lindsay tries to wait her turn.
My baby geese are gawky teens. Swimming in the Raritan.
Lindsay's class presented a musical version of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff". Lindsay is the little goat wearing red boots.

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karen said...

SO glad the bats were not in evidence at the BBQ! Can you even imagine the scuttle my two could drum up with those?