Monday, July 29, 2013

You are what you eat

"It's a Vegan option." I say.


"Vegans don't eat animals or animal byproducts like dairy."

"Oh." Lindsay considers this. "You're planning to not eat meat any more?"

"No. I am not planning that. I am actually currently eating a steak."

"Ah. I would not like it if you stopped eating meat."

"Why would you care if I ate it or not? You can eat it even if I don't."

"A mom that doesn't eat bacon is a bad idea." She replies.

Shortly after dinner, I stop at a friend's house to take care of her cats, and call Alec's phone to find out what kind of ice cream I should bring home. Alec is gaming, so Lindsay answers, "Hi Mom."

"What flavor?"

"What are you getting?"


"Are you being Vegan?"

"You just saw me eat a steak, like an hour ago."

"I was making sure. I will have banana also."

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