Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My all-time favorite Christmas picture

Lauren, December 2002

When Lauren was 3 months old, we tried to take a picture for a Christmas card. We took several pictures of a smiley baby with and without antlers. I ultimately decided there was something kind of cruel about the antlers.

And it was very hard to get her to balance on the chair because she was too little to actually sit up. Baby is falling out of the chair, antlers have popped off her head, and Alec's hand is in the frame.

This picture sums up the experience:Note the glowering expression. The caption for this picture? Someday I will choose your nursing home.

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Alec said...

I love this series of pictures SO MUCH!!! How could no one have commented on them?!

Look closely! Our infant is falling over and making grumpy faces!