Monday, January 22, 2007

Now, with weird photos!

I'm going to apologize in advance, these creepy photos were taken with Lauren's digital camera. It has a much lower resolution than my Canon Sure Shot.

It turned out that Dos was not left on the bus, but rather just outside Lauren's classroom. She must have set it down to put it in her back pack and missed. I forgot to mention that Dos is (well before its battery ran out) a Flashy Quacker and a fund raising item for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It's a pink duck with a pink ribbon.

Here's Candy II. This photo was oddly exposed, but he is a Betta fish - also known as a Japanese fighting fish. You cannot keep 2 males in a single tank. Candy II is a bit bluer than his predecessor, who was mostly pink and purple. He's posing for the picture, so I think his acclimation is going quite well.

Portrait of the Artist


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Let Lauren know that Grampie thinks Candy The Second is a beautiful fish.

Linda said...

I need to get my eyes checked - for some reason when I first looked at the picture of your beta fish, I thought it was a floating blue hand!

Enhance Life said...

Neat blog. I enjoy this and learn so much here.
Enhance Life

Navilyn said...

Lovely, am happy to see things are 'getting back to normal'...

C L Blackman said...

There's nothing wrong with the camera, it's just set it Goth mode.
There should be a small black switch that changes to pink or blue or yellow when you slide it. That will take the camera out of goth mode.

sister k said...

lauren looks like such a little she's posing for her own NYC sure to dig out these shots when she tells you she's going to art school...when she's famous these artsy fish will bring in millions :)

Epiphany Alone said...

@Dad: She says thanks :)

@Linda: It kind of looks like a floating blue mitten...

@Enhance Life: Thanks!

@Navilyn: Yes, me too.

@CLB: Ohhh! That's the problem.

@K: She's already told me she wants to go to art school...and be a painter. Though about half the time she tells me she wants to be a teacher or a baby doctor.