Wednesday, May 02, 2007

God snickered

Retracing some steps over the course of a wonderful morning spent at the park, the reasons suddenly became clear why I wore my old Rocket Dogs instead of my insanely hip black Converse All Stars with the flames painted on the side, and brought along my camera:

Avoiding a newly paved patch of sidewalk, I tried to step on what I thought was a muddy patch between the sidewalk and the street as I lowered the stroller into the street. The ground gave and suddenly I found my entire foot encased in mud. I struggled at first to pull out as the cool mud oozed into my shoe. And then I just had to laugh at myself, because here I was stuck. As I laughed, I realized I was able to slide my foot out, mercifully still in its shoe.

Lindsay appreciates a good laugh just as much as the next girl. Why, yes. If you miss the embroidered flowers on her pants you might think she is dressed like a boy. And you'll astutely notice the I believe in miracles! crown from the Easter egg hunt is still in the bottom of our stroller. Don't make me kick you - my foot will probably stick.


karen said...

eeeeeeeeeew. ;)

As for the crown, I'm impressed that you're prepared to celebrate Easter already! I'm usually lucky to get the decorations out before company arrives for dinner on the day...having them out ahead is something I actually admire.

Epiphany Alone said...

It's just not Easter without Bibliofilly's sangria...