Sunday, June 17, 2007


Lauren sincerely amazes me sometimes. She managed to convince the carnie operating the Frog Hopper to let this group of kids ride on it 3 times.

"May we please ride again?" she asked, sweetly. "There's no one waiting in line."

The carnie pulled a face, but instead of rejecting the request, she looked around and then hit the Go button on her ride. Lauren did it again, to the same response. After riding 3 times, she smiled at the carnie and said, "You've sure got a great ride! Thanks so much for letting us ride it."

My daughter conned a carnie.

Alec and Lauren riding on Bertha the geriatric elephant, who I believe was quite possibly older than God. Lauren pet the large elephant and announced, "Isn't she beautiful?"

We left as the sky began to darken, and a summer storm passed through.


sister k said...

aw. so cute & sweet! happy father's day to alec! awesome sky too.

Anonymous said...

Your site is so the photos and the newest Lauren and Lindsey stories. Thank you for sharing.

Mimi Lenox said...

What a great shot on the elephant who is older than God. Very funny.