Monday, June 25, 2007

Flashy shoes

We've been working on learning to put shoes on the correct feet, and for the butterfly sneakers we bought last week (the third pair she's owned) that means they don't "kiss", but rather they live on the outsides of her feet.

I peeked in on her finishing putting on a pair of pink socks, smiling that she managed to have the non-skid lettering on the bottoms of her feet for once. Lauren sat on the floor, the new sneakers Nanny gave her in each hand. Silver with thin velcro straps across. They would look sort of sporty if they didn't have 5 princess on the outer heel of each shoe. Lauren received them reluctantly, lamenting that they weren't the flashy sneakers she so adored. She sat examining them. "Do the princesses kiss?" she asked finally.

"No, they belong on the outsides of the shoes, like the butterflies."

"They don't like each other?"

"No, they like each other OK, they're just busy, you know. Managing a kingdom and all..."

"Oh right," she replied, switching the left shoe into her left hand. She dropped the right shoe, and then began to laugh loudly.

"What happened?"

"Mom, look!" She picked up the right shoe and hurled it at the floor. "Nanny was wrong!"

"What do you mean?"

"Look!" She threw the shoe at the floor for a third time. "Don't you see it flashing? Nanny was wrong. These ARE flashy shoes!"


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And here, I've had Nanny pegged as the shoe-flinging sort!