Thursday, June 07, 2007

Things they don't teach in school

I came downstairs this morning to find Lauren sitting patiently, hands folded, at the dining room table. As I went into the kitchen, I nearly tripped over a loudly meowing Seamus.

"Do you suppose he wants breakfast, too?" I asked Lauren.

"Well, you see. The thing is," Lauren began, sighing impatiently, "I just don't speak cat."

"Oh," I replied. "Ok."

"Once someone teaches me cat, I will let you know what Seamus wants."


karen said...

Tell Lauren I will be happy to teach her all I know about speaking Cat. It's a very good language to know! The hiss and the purr will be especially handy in later years...but we won't bring that up quite yet.

Mimi Lenox said...

All she has to do is visit the bazillion cat blogs that posted about peace yesterday! It's a quick study. I learned puurrr and hiissss in no time.

Aren't you impressed?

Anonymous said...


sister k said...

well gosh, if they'd only offered cat in school, i would've reconsidered my major! guess it's a language best learned on the streets ;)