Saturday, January 12, 2008

My new bike

I totally heart my new bike - a Trek Navigator with a matching helmet. We went riding today in the park, and I didn't even fall off! Would you believe it? I got on, and it was just like riding...well, you know.


The Plaid Sheep said...

Yay new bike! Did you name it?

karen said...

Nice! Will you get a plastic seat for Lin to ride along?

Kids Special Needs said...

OOOOOH! You cycle? I seriously need to get back on my bike. I have a racing Dolce, and it's sweet. I did some bike racing a couple years ago, and screwed my back in a cycling accident (some loser rearended me and we went flying over the front of the bikes. And he landed on top of me). My goal this year is to get back on that bike!