Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fire breather

I was telling Lauren today that a friend of hers will have a little brother next year. She looked at me a little doubtfully.

"How could you know it's a boy?"

"Well, they have this tool called an ultrasound which is able to send sound out of the range of hearing through a transducer into the mommy's womb so they can make sure the baby is OK. Do you remember...we went a few times when Lindsay was in Mommy's tummy?'


"Yeah. There was one time that my doctor did it and you told him you were not having a sister, you were having a dragon...and he'd better watch out because even little dragons breathe fire. He looked a little afraid when you said that..."

Lauren laughed. "No..."

"Yeah, you said that."

"I don't remember that."

1 comment:

Alec said...

She was right...Lindsay is a little fire breather!