Friday, December 12, 2008

Unabashedly crazy

"There's a virus going around school..."

"Yep. I know. It's a bad one with lots of throwing what are they doing about it?"

"Well, there are trash cans everywhere."

"Trash cans?"

"Yeah, in case you have to throw up and you can't make it to the bathroom..."

I blinked, my daughter is living in a Monty Python sketch. "Huh."


"Why do you have a pitcher and an ice tray?"

"I am pwaying wemonade stand."


"You want some for a quarter?"

"You used my pitcher and ice tray for your lemonade stand and I have to pay a quarter?"

"A yes. I going to go make some eggs now." She takes the ice tray over to the play kitchen, which for some reason is speaking in Spanish today.

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