Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The accident prone branch doesn't fall too far from the tree

I was the family klutz. If there was some way to injure oneself doing even the safest activity, there'd I'd be needing a bandaid or ace bandage. My husband will tell you that during our early years of marriage, I once cut myself on an apple.

My daughter has managed to bruise or nick herself on pretty much every smooth surface of our house in the past couple of weeks. Her lovey these days is "Boo Boo Bunny", a soft furry covering a little block of freezer safe material to apply to bumps and bruises - a shower gift from my stepbrother's now ex-wife. My daughter has actually taken to calling the palm-sized bunny simply "Boo Boo", which leads me to believe they have perhaps an inappropriate level of intimacy currently.

On the other hand, who doesn't love a little stuffie who can manage to instantly soothe any small hurt and make the tears stop? Hey...I want one of those!

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