Thursday, March 30, 2006

High contrast

In my past life, I used to buy coffee at 3 different corner stores alternately because I'd drink it differently depending upon my mood. At Dunkin Donuts, I like my coffee flavored, light, and sweet. At Starbucks, black dark roast or if I'm feeling like treating myself, a double espresso. There was a third shop that had awesome cafe con leche.

In my current life, more often than not, I drink day old coffee microwaved that's half skim milk. I usually eat a bowl of Smart Start while it's heating up.

In my past life, I would hope to arrive before my coworkers so I could get back to my desk without actually having to have a conversation with anyone before the aforementioned coffee was consumed.

In my current life, my daughter does a jig when she hears me coming down the stairs and cheers "Go, Mommy, go! Go, Mommy, go!"

In my past life, my work day was often interrupted by the gravelly voice of a coworker that I (perhaps not so) secretly wanted to throttle.

In my current life, my work day is punctuated by my daughter suggesting that we play a game.

In my past life, I used to think that my coworkers deliberately tried to tick me off by redistributing the paperwork on my desk and moving my stapler.

In my current life, my daughter occasionally draws pictures in the margins of my day planner and it makes me laugh.


karen said...

I had a refillable travel mug from Ozzie's, then a single coffee shop around the corner from my apartment, now exploded into a chain all around Park Slope & Brooklyn Heights. Ozzie's is where I learned that I like cinnamon, vanilla, and nut flavors in my coffee. It's also where I learned that raspberry, blueberry, and other fruity things should really be kept far, far away from coffee. Now that I live in the woods and would have to be awake enough to find my glasses so I could drive out for coffee, we make it here. Chris has gotten especially good at it - he's figured out the right blend to get it strong enough for my taste and yet not so strong that it takes the enamel off my teeth!

Epiphany Alone said...

My husband and I had a great iced coffee blend for the summer when we used to shop at The Fairway. I think it was 3/4 Fairway House blend and 1/4 Hazelnut. We brewed it and mixed it in one of those tupperware liter pitchers with milk and that way, we could pour it over ice on those terribly HOT days in our Yonkers apartment.
When I lived in Boston, I worked for Rebecca's Cafe on Tremont Street (not to be confused with Rebecca's Bakery on Charles Street). At the time, Rebecca's served New England Coffees, which were quite good. I also am fond of nut and spiced coffees. My favorite of theirs was Cinnamon Hazelnut. The worst were anything Chocolate - it had a bizarre aftertaste. The Chocolate Raspberry was quite possibily the most revolting flavor ever.