Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Every day is Christmas with Peapod

As I get into my third trimester of pregnancy, the idea of grocery shopping has simply become too tiring. I spent the final weeks of the second trimester exhaustedly pushing my cart along with my daughter down the aisles, to check out, load the car, and then sit with my key in the ignition wanting a nap. But then, that's why God made Peapod.

Peapod! Oh, how I love Peapod. I can virtually browse the aisles OR I can type all my items into a list and it will find each one. And then the next day, a man arrives with groceries in hand and sets them on my kitchen floors.

The only one who perhaps loves Peapod more than I do is my daughter, who promptly starts unloading the bags, item by item. "Oh! Peapod knew we were out of chocolate donuts!" or "Look, Peapod knows that this is my favorite yogurt!" The delivery man stands snickering as this 3 1/2 year old little person praises him for knowing JUST what we wanted. "Thank you, Peapod Man!"

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