Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday morning musings

My daughter is particularly facinated by sharks right now. Occasionally, she'll ask me to find pictures of sharks on the Internet. Unfortunately, unless you search for a certain kind of shark, mostly the searches spawn pictures of Jaws. Right now, she is playing with her LeapFrog Globe, and learning about the Great White and Hammerhead Sharks.

I feel bad that I have 2 entries in a row complaining about my husband. He's really a great guy, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather be stranded on a deserted island with. He's easily the smartest person I know, and probably one of the funniest. After 13 years together, nearly 10 of those years married, he's still growing and changing and still manages to surprise me.

In fact, he spent most of his waking moments this weekend repainting the downstairs bathroom. Repainting from our renovation just a year ago because I chose a really bad color. Really bad. Think minty toothpaste. This is a really tiny powder room too, so the fact that it was minty toothpaste green made it so much worse. It took us about 5 samples to settle on a color this time because the trim color we've painted the molding downstairs is a taupe...but now, just 2 days later, the powder room is a beautiful shade called Palladian Blue...kind of similar to the color that Tiffany uses for gift boxes.

And, you know what? He even changed the cat box!

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