Thursday, July 13, 2006

Every mom knows

...if you brag about your baby's sleep, she will suddenly refuse to. Also, her older sister will also refuse to sleep, but on alternate intervals, thus assuring no sleep for mom.

I went to bed at 12:30 AM. Lindsay awoke at 2 AM. Sleep interruption before 3 hours always hurts, but particularly after a couple of summer hummers (vodka and lemonade). Lindsay was done eating around 2:45 AM, and started falling asleep.

So Lauren stumbled into my bedroom at 3 AM. I ushered her back to bed, gave her a stuffed animal, and tucked her back in. An hour later, she was up again. "I had a bad dream," she said.
I got her a cup of water, and tucked her back in. A half hour after that, she was crying loudly from her bed. I got up, and this time I was not very patient with her and demanded she turn off the water works and go to sleep.

Lindsay awoke to eat at 5:15 AM, and then 7:45 AM. So, I think I got less than an hour of continuous sleep, and maybe 4 hours all together. Yuck.

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