Tuesday, July 11, 2006

His Ami

The last time we were in Miami, Lauren thought Alec had said, "My Ami" so she kept calling it "Your Ami" or "Daddy's Ami". Anyway, Alec is off to Miami today by way of Dayton where he spent last night. I think his meeting was actually in Youngstown...but anyway, if it's midweek, he's got to be in Miami.

We had McDonald's for dinner, followed by a shopping spree at Babies R Us. We got a lot of stuff considering we didn't actually need anything. Lauren picked out some new bath toys and a mesh bag to store them. We bought lots of new toys for Lindsay that she can rattle, have texture, or she can teethe on. The Babies R Us here has a Motherhood section, so I bought a couple new nursing tops. Considering the amount of pressure to breastfeed, it is very hard to find places that carry nursing wear.

So anyway, we had fun. We got home, gave the girls baths, got into our jammies. Lauren went to bed pretty easily. Lindsay took a nap until about 10:30 PM, and then was up until about 1 AM. She's been pretty fussy the past couple days, and hasn't pooped, so I think she's fussy because she hasn't pooped. She ate a lot, and was starting to get sleepy. I set her on the bed and went to turn down the air conditioner. She started fussing, so I was walking kind of fast and brought the ball of my foot down hard on an exposed nail in the floorboard. I scooped her up, and turned over my foot to see it was cut and bleeding. Of course, it was a good ten minutes before she was done eating and I could attend to it. Yuck. Because it's on the ball of my left foot, it burns when I step, which is nasty and annoying. I cleaned it, bandaged it, and went to sleep.

Lindsay actually slept until almost 7, which was a great treat...and although she didn't poop, she woke up in a great mood and was smiling a whole lot and laughing. I changed her diaper, fed her, and she fell back to sleep 45 minutes later.

Lauren was up at 8:15, which was pretty much right when I started falling back to sleep. Ah well. But as she climbed up for her morning snuggle, I noticed her eye was all puffy. Oh geez, she had hives on her face again. So we went downstairs and got her some Zyrtec.
So we're doing okay while Alec is away. We've even come up with some new nicknames: Full of Poo (we're not encouraging the use of the S word since Lauren learned to conjugate both that and the F bomb when she was 2), Hop Along, and Squinty.

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