Monday, July 10, 2006

A thank you (and the girls plan a shopping trip)

Our postman left us with a fat envelope today, some baby presents from my friend Mark.

Lauren tore open her own card, and contemplated its contents. "I can buy things from the store with that?" She held up the Pottery Barn Kids gift certificates.
"Yep. The store where we got Lindsay's lamps."

"The one where they have the big dollhouse?"

Hmm. Wonder what she's going to get there...

Lindsay, on the otherhand, was not so enthusiastic about shopping. She didn't even lift her head from the little puddle of sleepy drool...yeah, I know back to sleep. Kid always falls asleep during tummytime. I don't wake the sleeping baby.
It was funny, because I was thinking today about the toys Lauren had at Mark's office. Her favorite, and also, by far the most annoying, was this Baby Einstein orchestra that played 5 different Mozart pieces in 4 part harmony. When you removed each animal piece, its part stopped playing. It had on, soft, and loud settings. I was thinking it was sad we don't still have the toy, and wondered if Babies R Us had it...well, now we have the gift cards so I'm sure we can stock up on toys to annoy while I try to work.


karen said...

Lauren's eyes never fail to amaze me! And it's good to see that Lindsay is still asleep... :P

michelle said...

oh my goodness...I remember that toy and how sad it sounded when the batteries were dying. =)