Sunday, September 10, 2006

In Memory of Jeffrey Patrick Walz

Nine years earlier, Jeffrey Patrick Walz left a promising career as an electrical engineer for the US Navy to become a New York City firefighter, in the path of his father. It was with Ladder 9 Engine 33 in the City’s East Village that Jeff met Rani Lurie – the woman who would later become his wife. It was Hallowe’en, and his department was dispatched to a party she was attending. Their picture was taken together, he in his uniform, she dressed as a Dalmatian.
“The only way to describe Jeff is to say he was the most caring, gentle, kind and patient person every to enter my life.”
Rani Walz, Jeff’s wife.
Jeff and Rani lived in Tuckahoe with their 3-year-old son Bradley, who, after being told they couldn’t have children, was somewhat of a miracle to them. Every Thursday, Jeff’s day off from Ladder 9, he would do something special with his son. They went to nearby Bronx Zoo and Mets stadium, or spent the afternoon at a park. Jeff shared a passion for mountain biking with his older brother, Raymond. He often would ride his bike from his home to the firehouse, a 2-hour trip.
“The bond between brothers is an extraordinary one that can never be broken. His heroic efforts are a testament to the type of man we can all be proud of. I not only lost a terrific brother, but also my best friend.”
Raymond Walz, Jeff’s brother.
“He cherished every possible moment with his family. He was a wonderful husband and father.”
Karen Ciaccio, Jeff’s sister.
Family was tremendously important to Jeff. He cherished his wife and son. He was proud of being a firefighter.
"Jeffrey grew into a very fine young man, not just as a son, but as a brother, husband to his wife, Rani, and most of all, a wonderful father to his son, Bradley,"
Jennie and Raymond Walz, Jeff's parents.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, Ladder 9 was dispatched to the World Trade Center. Jeff did not escape Tower 1 before it collapsed.

Rest in peace.


Melissa said...

Beautiful tribute. I love the quotes you incorporated. I had a fireman too. From Ladder 101 in Brooklyn.

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Thank you for sharing.