Friday, September 22, 2006

The stinkeye doctor

The eye doctor has a gorgeous office with all new furniture and carpeting and stuff. I spend a lot of my time in doctor's offices. This place was really amazingly brand spanking new and very clean. There were little flip-type coding flaps at the top of each exam room door. When we were brought to the room, the assistant flipped the pink flap over.

The doctor came in and introduced himself. A good deal younger than I thought he would be for how many people have told me how wonderful he is - probably in his mid-forties. He was very good with Lindsay, and Lauren who was in a little snit this morning.

"Hi, I'm the eye doctor. Do you like doctors, Lauren?" he asked, smiling at her.

Lauren glowered back at him. "No. I hate doctors."

He looked surprised. Clearly this is not the answer he usually gets. "Really?" He flipped around Lindsay's chart to see where the assistant noted the girls' pediatrician, but that just seemed to confuse him further.

"Yes. Doctors are mean and nasty." She folded her arms and pouted.

"Oh. Um. Well, eye doctors are fun. Everybody likes eye doctors." he said, smiling again.

Lauren looked at him doubtfully. "Yeh. Well. We'll see."

The eye doctor has this wall of animatronic animals to get kids to look a certain way while he looks at the back of their eyes. Lauren actually stared at it with her mouth agape. And then when he left the room, she spoke of him in dolce tones as though he were some sort of God.

"Did you see," she whispered, "that the pig, Godzilla, and the tiger all danced together?"

Oh my.

We were there for quite a while, because the issue with hemangiomas on the eyelid is that they can cause pressure inside the eye resulting in astigmatism, so his assistant dialated Lin's eyes. She didn't like it much, so I spent a while pacing back and forth. She fell asleep about 5 minutes before he came back in to check her.

So this will be our routine for a while, returning every 2 months for an assessment of growth and pressure.

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