Monday, September 18, 2006


...weighs in at 30 pounds. She is 36 inches tall. She liked it that Nurse Michelle says she is a yard tall.

A yard!

Lauren had to have a shot today called the ProQuad which is MMR and Varicella one vaccine instead of 4. She also had to have a TB test. We have to go back for a flu shot and her second hepatitis A shot. She's going to be a mad little girl by the end of October, but at least we're done until next year.

Her doctor suggested putting her on allergy medication for 6 months to try to desensitize her of her seasonal and indoor allergies. The medication makes her a little sleepy, but it's taken at bedtime, which just means no middle of the night rousing for a while, which frankly sounds pretty nice. The doctor said that after a couple of weeks, she will tolerate the medication better and not be so sleepy.

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