Saturday, September 16, 2006

The R School

Alec and the girls dropped me off at school for class at 9 this morning. At noon when they picked me up, Lauren noticed that this was a different place than they had brought me last time.

"Is this a different school, Mom?"

"Nope, Lauren. This is where Mommy goes to school."

"Oh. This isn't the R school?"

As I looked around campus, I noticed that many of the building doors and windows had the university logo on them, a big red R.

She noticed it too, and began to point. "This is the R school!"

"Oh, yes. This is just a different building. Rutgers has a lot of buildings."

She nodded solemnly.

Later this afternoon, Alec turned on Rutgers v Ohio. When she saw the university logo, she pointed and said, "Mommy's school's playing."

"You're supposed to say 'Go Scarlet Knights'."

"GO Scarlet Knights!!"

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Grampie said...

Alright Lauren! Your cheering worked. Rutgers won. However your Grampie is not happy. Those darn Red Sox beat his Yankees today. UConn football lost as well. When you learn more about sports you will like UConn, too. It is in the genes.