Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Halloween Recap

Happy first day of Nablopomo, guys! Blog until the Internet explodes!

We had a very nice Halloween Chez Stoll. Lindsay and I went to the Y. Lindsay dressed up as Tinkerbell, and I went to yoga class. When I came down to get her, she was conning those Pillsbury cookies that you slice and bake from some woman who called herself Grandma. "She ate 3 already," she said. "She just kept asking for more."
Lindsay as Tinkerbell

We headed over to Lauren's class party. I read the kids a story. We had a snack of pretzels and juice. We played Ghost Bowling (Lindsay's bowling game with those plastic ghosts you hang from trees over them) and Halloween Twister (we glued ghosts, jack o' lanterns, witches, and black cat faces on top of a Twister game). We colored faces on printed jack o' lantern templates.
Kindergardeners playing Halloween Twister

After that, Lindsay and I had some humus for lunch at the picnic table we frequented last spring when Lauren was in PM Pre-K. Then we attended the Halloween sing along assembly and the annual costume parade.
My neighbor across the street's "graveyard"

We went out trick or treating around 5 PM, which was early this year because of the extra week of daylight savings. It meant that we walked a couple of blocks without finding houses with candy, which was actually OK, because it meant we had a pretty small haul this year. Because we were out, we left a bowl of candy unattended. It didn't last very long.
Before someone ignored the "Take one treat, please" and dumped the lot into their bag.

Green Puppy and Blue, anxious to go out

Trick or Treating is hard work...

When we got home around 6:30, Lauren asked that I take a picture of her face paint. The girls were tired, as was I from pulling them around in their wagon. We all went to bed pretty early last night.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Sounds all like great fun! You are such a good mamma!!

karen said...

Green Puppy & Blue live again! I love those suits.