Friday, November 23, 2007

Making our own traditions

We had prepared the "pumpkin" (it was actually butternut squash) pie from scratch on Wednesday along with the cornbread, and started brining the turkey. The turkey and roasted spiced sweet potato recipes were the one we'd used last year, but the sage and chestnut stuffing, brussel sprouts sauteed with pancetta, pear, walnut and bleu cheese salad were all new recipes.

We wore jeans yesterday. The television blared the Macy's parade and then football. I was relieved to be able to do laundry, including stripping the beds and washing the sheets. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but there was always so much pressure growing up to uphold this imposed formality that was void of normalcy, that something as simple as folding sheets was grounding. It felt good to be barefoot.

Being home this weekend means we can put up our Christmas tree, which feels so much less pressured than it always did trying to squeeze into a weekend in December when we're being pulled in so many directions.

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*pab said...

Your post from Thanksgiving Day really resonates with me, Epiphany. I, too, started new traditions this year, under orders from my doctor to stay close to home. It was lovely to be in my own bed, to lounge in our hammock watching the Macy's parade, EAT OUT for dinner, return home early, change into pj's and spread out on the sofa. Here's to "normalcy."