Saturday, November 03, 2007

Here kitty kitty

Lindsay's interpreted that we're teaching her what animals say so that she can communicate with that animal. I noticed recently that whenever one of the cats walks by she says, "Me-yow!" as though in greeting.

She's decided Seamus, our cantankerous elder cat, is snuggly. Whenever she approaches him, she tries to hug him. He is very patient, as he was when Lauren was a tot, and will allow the light slappy petting and the occasional ear pull. Lindsay's hugs are the full-body type where she falls on him, "Me-yowing" as soothingly as an almost 18 month old can manage. She gave him a hug last night while he was eating his dinner, and he just continued chewing, barely acknowledging the 20 pound monkey on his back.

Yeah, I'm probably going to overlook the next bathroom peeing incident...

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Chaotic Joy said...

Clara does this too. She sees the cat and goes Meoooooww. She sees the dog and goes Roof Roof. For the last 2 months I think she genuinely thought this was what they were called. My animals though, neither of them, are very tolerant with Clara's attempt and suffocating hugs, so you have patient animal there.