Sunday, February 03, 2008

Big holes, revisited

Those of you who follow me over at Worst. Mama. Ever. will remember back in September there was a local construction site with a very large hole that Lauren thought would be a good place to bury people. Partly this is Lauren's belief that Alec and I made up that we bury dead people - she truly thinks that is absurd (though not as laugh out loud ridiculous as she thinks taking your shoes off at the airport is). Often she will ask if we can visit someone's grave and dig them up. She says it with such earnest, and almost looks hurt when I say it's not considered acceptable to disturb the grave of a dead person.

Today we passed the construction site where now the structure of a house stands. I pointed it out and said, "Hey, look - a house! Do you remember when it was just a hole back in the fall?"

"Yes." She looked thoughtful. "I was hoping they might put Shamu there."

Nice revisionist history, I thought. I replied, "Well, it was a big hole, but not big enough for a killer whale."

"Having Shamu here would be a whole lot cooler than just another house."

"I can't argue with that." I said.


Chaotic Joy said...

She's so funny. And I can't argue with her logic either. All of those things do seem bizarre and Shamu is much more exciting than another house.

Anonymous said...

Lauren is so funny, intelligent, and witty...she will be such a true force of nature in her adult years.