Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big little girl

Upon returning from vacation, I had to put away all of Lindsay's 18 months clothes because her t-shirts were too tight and her leggings were becoming capri pants. I bought a few things at one of the children's clothing outlets nearby the shore, alarmed that we were going into a new season with a mere half dozen items of clothing. I moved the 24 months/2 toddler clothes from the basement, and was delighted to see that Lauren's hand-me-downs were more than adequate for two or three kids. Lindsay is enjoying her "new" clothes.

Two weeks ago we began teaching Lindsay her colors. Before we left for vacation, the only color she consistently named was pink. It sort of figures, since most of her clothes are pink. Today, she was sorting Lauren's color-coded word building blocks by color. She named all the colors when asked. At the library, we played with a wooden Noah's arc toy, and she named and made sounds for all the animals. She was also pretending to pour the contents of a cup into a pan when playing with the library's play kitchen. She stirred the imaginary contents in the pan with a spatula.

We've regressed a bit in terms of meals, and she's back to grazing and then refusing to sit for and eat a formal meal. Lindsay threw a tantrum today that lasted 20 minutes over not getting to sit in my lap to eat lunch.

She refused to wear shoes today, and since we were just running errands around town while she sat in the stroller this morning, and at church for children's choir, she went without. She complained that she wanted to play with the kids on our pastors' daughters' swing set, and I told her she could, but she needed to let me put on her sneakers.

"No wan seekers."

"Ok. Then you can't play on the swing."

"Wan swing."

She didn't have a tantrum, but she argued with me the entire fifteen minutes that we were there.


karen said...

Think we can get Smirnoff to sponsor us during the kids' teen years? Seems like we'll need it...

LMP said...

It's like you've got the North of the Mason/Dixon Line Sarah. Does she scream at you like you're stabbing her in the eye if you don't immediately understand what's she's saying to you? Why can you NOT understand that she wants you to dump the water in the cup she's using into a different cup in the cabinet she's frenetically pointing to?!? WHY?