Friday, April 18, 2008


Lindsay has been running a fever since last night's bedtime, so I missed Lauren's spring concert today, and had to cancel her planned play date - and refuse her friends who invited her over. I made a hot dog with rice and beans, hoping this might begin the distraction from all the fun things she wasn't able to do today because sister was sick.

We kicked off Lauren's early dismissal before spring break with a little home mani-pedi. I went upstairs and brought down the shades of pink, some of the top-shelf hotel cream, and a towel.

"Can I pick a different pink for my toes and fingers?"

"Sure. I like them to match, but you can have yours however you like."

She selected petal pink for her toes and fuschia for her fingers.

She waited as patiently as she could manage for the ten minutes or so it takes the "sets in 60 seconds" colors to dry, and wound up with very tidy-looking nails, sans the little flower designs they do in the salon, but pretty none the less.

We spent the rest of the afternoon painting, coloring, cutting, and pasting. We made a morning routine reminder list with pictures. We painted a little wooden birdhouse wind chime purple and pink.

"The assembly was boring, Mom," she said softly, "it was OK that you missed that one."

"I'm sorry I missed you singing." I replied. "We'll go next time."

"Ok," she replied, busily drawing a castle for her princess.


Anonymous said...

It turned out to be a wonderful blessing in disguise: quality and girly time between Mom and daughter...lovely.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh, this post was lovely. What a good mama you are. (I promise not to tell).