Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leapin Lauren

Balancing things out today.

Lauren's casual reading has improved a lot in the past few weeks. She reads practically everything these days. When we were leaving the shore, an old lady in the neighborhood gave both girls prayer cards. Lauren has been reading hers every time she gets into the car and brought it to children's choir to show the pastors. She loves choir, and is easily the loudest singer even though she's one of the youngest there. She remembers the lyrics quickly, and spends time during the week singing her favorite songs. She particularly likes singing about Jesus.

Lauren is completely rigid about certain things. She had wanted to buy lunch this week because they were having hot dogs. At the last moment, she changed her mind and got a deli sandwich instead because she realized the aid was going to put ketchup on top of her hot dog, and she prefers it on the roll.

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Anonymous said...

Your children are adorable!