Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday after vacation

We got home yesterday from down the shore. What a beautiful week! We had a great time staying with our friends. We rode bikes on the boardwalk, flew kites and made sandcastles on the beach. We enjoyed some great barbecue, a couple really nice restaurants, and even made lobster and steamers one night. It was exactly the sort of beach holiday that would be framed warmly in my mind as a kid, and Lauren had an absolute ball. Well, Lindsay did also, but she won't remember.

Mondays are always tough. But today with a touch of a cold I brought back from the beach, rainy weather, and way too much to do around the house I am feeling less-than-motivated. I keep jotting tasks down on a post-it. It seems I will have to tear myself away from the computer to get them done...

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Sister K said...

welcome back...sounds wonderful!!!