Tuesday, June 06, 2006

At least there weren't any fires to put out

I have some sort of brain deficit that causes me to leave a potholder on top of a burner. Every time I fire up one of the gas burners, I risk setting it ablaze. I have no idea why it can't just live on the pegboard by the stove with the other potholders...well, yes. I do. If it's there, I forget to grab it and try to handle the cast iron skillet with my bare hand.

I turned on the wrong burner today, and killed it before the igniter took. Oops.

I managed to get up to dinner preparation, but I can't seem to actually make dinner yet. Maybe tomorrow I will get the girls to the daycare center so we can check that out. We just didn't manage to get out of the house. But on Sunday, we didn't manage to get dressed. So, I am closer to life, right?

Bah. Logistics.

Here. Look. My girls are mostly clean and definitely cute:

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