Thursday, June 08, 2006


I knew there were certain aspects of labor I'd blocked out of memory from last time. Not that they were necessarily terribly traumatic, just that they don't merit much thinking about. I'm sure the haze of morphine helps fade it all into a warm mosaic background of...I completely understand why people become addicted to opiates.

While I remembered that a 5 minute car ride can yield a 2 hour nap if you situate the infant carrier somewhere quiet upon your return from the bank, I'd completely blocked out that a newborn child can poop up her back. While retrieving a fussy Lindsay from her carseat, I made that warm, smooshy discovery! Uh oh.

And yet earlier today, I found out for the first time that a newborn girl can spit up formula through her nose and mouth at the same time. And, yet, not really seem phased by that. Another example of Lindsay the Chill baby? You decide...

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