Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The girls


karen said...

So cute!! How could you be mad at that little face? Even if the Chapstick had been a Sharpie and the window had been the wall? Possibly the most important thing I've learned as a parent is that the situation could always be worse (although sometimes it is really, really hard to imagine how...).

Epiphany Alone said...

The chapstick wasn't that bad the first time. That she's drawn with chapstick on glass about a dozen or so times now has gotten frustrating. It also was AFTER Lauren got sent to her room for eating a half of a tin of Altoids while I was putting up the laundry. During the 10 minute time out, she THEN proceeded to take
blue bubblegum toothpaste and all of our toothbrushes and "painted" the bedspread, knit blanket, a window, and the desk in Lindsay's nursery. And this was BEFORE she dumped a 16 oz bottle of water in the tray between the seats in the car while I was speeding to the airport to pick up my mother-in-law who doesn't arrive until tomorrow.

But you're right. She is a beautiful, smart, and darling girl and I love her to pieces. And I make sure I tell her that when I am reminding her that she's not supposed to draw on the windows with chapstick, paint on stuff with toothpaste, or dump beverages in the car for the nth time.

karen said...

How long is Alec's mom staying? Maybe we can sneak in a girls' afternoon while she's here to watch your kids?