Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beautiful butterflies




These were from our trip to the Bronx Zoo today. The butterflies were amazingly beautiful. Far more so than I can manage to capture with my camera, but I hope you can see it reflected in the wonder in their little faces.

Of course, their favorite part of the day was the very dark Mouse House, where we got to see baby rodents of many sizes.

We will likely return when the heat of the summer has passed. When the humidity isn't such that even the act of sitting down leaves your bottom merged with the fabric of your jeans, and walking up hill leaves you breathless. Maybe in September when the crowds thin a bit, and "free" Wednesdays aren't jam-packed with camp kids in matching t-shirts.

We still had a lot of fun.

Katie, Mackenzie, and Lauren

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karen said...

You really don't have to drive to the Bronx to see rodents, you could just come to my house. We don't charge admission any day (although donations of beer and food are always warmly greeted). There is a limited viewing window, however - rodents are not available for viewing every day. Please contact Pixie for the upcoming schedule.